Draft BDME

Established in 1998, Landy Vent imports and distributes chimney linings & wood burning stoves. This led them to develop their own-brand energy efficient wood burning stove, the Eco Stove.

Thanks to its low emissions and running costs this product has become popular in Western Europe, Canada and the United States of America as well as the UK. However, whilst the initial product was functional, feedback from the market had driven the company to recognise the need to produce a new stove with a more contemporary appearance.

This posed a significant design challenge. Previously the stove had been made in a shape to fit the technological need, accommodating the heat retaining materials.

Additionally, in order to satisfy the aesthetic demands, a much larger glass door was required, with potentially a greater loss of heat.
The solution was to redesign the stove with oval sides – hence the Oval 730 was born. By using Silicon Carbide technology the company has been able to reduce dramatically the size of the appliance to make it more acceptable to a larger marketplace as well as halving the price. Other features include extremely slow heat release and a high burn temperature for exceptionally clean burning and high efficiency.
The Innovation Networks funding was used to manufacture models and moulds in order to produce a prototype to test for compliance to CE markings, thus proving the new models capabilities before market launch.

Dave Ashmore, Managing Director, “we were given help to complete the application forms and the proposal and, once the project was complete, the grant was paid speedily.”


website: http://www.landyvent.co.uk