Conigital Group

Conigital Group is a pioneering start-up city infrastructure technology firm tackling complex problems that require an innovative and multidisciplinary approach.

As a smart tech and systems/platform integrator, their primary goal is to create inclusive smart cities that address the needs of the visually impaired and the ageing population through the use of innovative Internet of Things sensors and application software.

The company is developing a range of indoor navigation solutions for the partially blind as well as advanced wireless plug and play sensors that can detect traffic flow, footfall data of pedestrians and monitor the environment for pollutants such as CO2 and NoX.
The Enterprise Europe Network has helped Conigital source international partners for technical cooperation and product development for their current range of active projects.

Perhaps most significantly, EEN has helped Conigital to access finance to the value of £2 million through the Innovate UK CAV (Connected Autonomous Vehicles) competition.

Monique Seth, Healthcare Director of Conigital stated, “As a newly formed business, getting the right advice, partners and support networks are essential to help you grow and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. EEN and Innovate UK have provided us with invaluable support in understanding us as a company, our technology and the marketplace. They have provided us with a platform to showcase our technology to the world”.